Beware Of Fakes

Bags are my favourite accessories. Have a decent collection of many Indian brands. Some handmade and some from the showroom. Always a sense of pride prevails whenever I see my collection. Never were into jewellery much. While my friends showed off their diamonds and precious stones. I did my collection of bags. These bags were of different colours, styles, sizes and shapes. Have one for every occasion too.  It had become a topic of discussion in all my circles. Like family friends and colleagues.

It was my only nemesis. I always would decide my next shopping and work towards getting it.

That is how my son residing in Boston decided to gift me one on my birthday. That was what I had secretly wished he would. And he arrived just a few days before my birthday. I was a little extra happy that day to welcome him. After all the usual enquiries and showers of love, I was informed by him that he had a great gift for me. Birthday was two days later. It was the longest two days in history. My son is a lawyer and he enjoyed all the legal manoeuvres he did to win cases.

Thus he is also very aware of the stringent custom duties and its drawbacks. He had a bitter experience of being caught once in a State which does not approve of fakes. It was a gift for him and he never dreamt that the genuine looking piece would actually be a fake. Imagine his embarrassment. I never did understand these legalities anyway.

Soon the day arrived when the clock struck12 midnight to herald my birthday. My excitement knew no bounds when I was gifted this beautiful shiny black Saint Laurent s shoulder bag. It was unbelievable to be holding it in my hands. I screamed with ecstasy to prevent myself from fainting. It was my first classic designer bag straight from the showroom. That too an original. It sure must have cost a bomb but there was no room for the thought now it would come later. As of now, my YSL bag is the most expensive looking bag I own, and I couldn’t wait to show it off.