How Long Can You Take A Break!

When it comes to employees rights, the state of California does all it takes to safeguard them all. They have some extremely specific laws, even chalked out regarding the meal breaks and rest breaks of an employee.

It is a known fact that long working hours without a break can potentially reduce the productivity of an employee. A tired and hungry employee will generate lesser work than what they will if they are given specific breaks for refreshment.

Break laws in California have some clear regulations about how long and how often must an employee get breaks. They are as follows

Meal breaks: The federal law and California laws have some regulations that an employee is expected to follow.

  • The employer must free an employee of all their duties and give them the liberty to leave the premises and have a 30-minute long meal break. They need not pay the employee for the time they spend as a break.
  • The employer must provide this break if the employee has been working for over 5 hours.
  • However, though the employee is entitled to this break. The employee need not strictly police around to check if the meal break is being used or not.
  • If there is a situation where there is no one to cover up for the employee during their break, they can take an on-work meal and eat on the desk. In such a situation the employer must pay the employee accordingly.
  • This may be true in the case of a reception desk, where there may not be a replacement to take calls or receive guests. Or when an ‘on-the-go’ employee has to rush from one site to another.

Rest Breaks

It is an understood fact that every employee requires a break to relax in between work, especially during long working hours.

And so an employee is allowed to take a 10-minute break for every 4 hours that they work.

The laws ensure that the employees are taken care of in every possible situation.