The common question before approaching ay lawyer is “How much will the charge be?” This is a common question that arises in every mind before taking legal help. The answer depends on several factors. The main five factors that determine the lawyers cost is:

  1. The billing method of lawyers: Most of the times the lawyer’s fees is hourly based. It is proportionate to the time spent by the lawyer with you. For certain wills, trademark fillings, and corporate formation they charge a flat fee. This is fixed and does not fluctuate.
  2. The prestige and the size of the law firm: The more reputable larger firms cost more money than individual practitioners.
  3. Area of law or the type of legal work: Certain areas in law are very much expensive than the other areas. The lawyers cost directly depends on the type of legal work executed. The legal work also determines whether it is hourly paid or flat fee.
  4. Experience of the lawyer: More the years of experience more is the charge of the lawyer. It also depends on the law demand and supply. A higher level of expertise will be charged more.
  5. The place of jurisdiction where the services are carried out: The lawyers cost will depend on the place and country of practice. In rural settings the client pool is less but the competition is tough from other lawyers. Whether a lawyer is practising in rural or urban area will also have an impact on their fees.

Before hiring a lawyer the charge has to be found out. A definite answer for this question is not possible. It has to be analysed depending on the above factors. There is this law office in South Carolina will help you win your case by charging nominal fees.

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Beware Of Fakes

Bags are my favourite accessories. Have a decent collection of many Indian brands. Some handmade and some from the showroom. Always a sense of pride prevails whenever I see my collection. Never were into jewellery much. While my friends showed off their diamonds and precious stones. I did my collection of bags. These bags were of different colours, styles, sizes and shapes. Have one for every occasion too.  It had become a topic of discussion in all my circles. Like family friends and colleagues.

It was my only nemesis. I always would decide my next shopping and work towards getting it.

That is how my son residing in Boston decided to gift me one on my birthday. That was what I had secretly wished he would. And he arrived just a few days before my birthday. I was a little extra happy that day to welcome him. After all the usual enquiries and showers of love, I was informed by him that he had a great gift for me. Birthday was two days later. It was the longest two days in history. My son is a lawyer and he enjoyed all the legal manoeuvres he did to win cases.

Thus he is also very aware of the stringent custom duties and its drawbacks. He had a bitter experience of being caught once in a State which does not approve of fakes. It was a gift for him and he never dreamt that the genuine looking piece would actually be a fake. Imagine his embarrassment. I never did understand these legalities anyway.

Soon the day arrived when the clock struck12 midnight to herald my birthday. My excitement knew no bounds when I was gifted this beautiful shiny black Saint Laurent s shoulder bag. It was unbelievable to be holding it in my hands. I screamed with ecstasy to prevent myself from fainting. It was my first classic designer bag straight from the showroom. That too an original. It sure must have cost a bomb but there was no room for the thought now it would come later. As of now, my YSL bag is the most expensive looking bag I own, and I couldn’t wait to show it off.

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Here Is Why You Should Work In Clarkston’s Big Law Companies

Most of the students who have just passed out from a law college generally think where they should begin their career from. On the other hand, it is also possible that lawyers who have years of experience in industry are planning to switch and trying to pursue a different field of law. No matter what our speciality is, many times we do think of working with famous and successful law firms. On the contrary, you might be actually facing a situation where you already have an opportunity of working with a big law company but are in dilemma is you should go for it or not.

Getting a chance to work in a famous law company is no less a blessing. You get to see a lot of challenges and benefits while working with such firms that ultimately make you a better professional.

Perks of working in a famous law company

Find below some of the reasons why working in a big law firm is a great idea for you:

  • Wealth of resources: The best part about working with big law companies is that you get a lot of resources. You have all the access of big helpful law libraries, changes to continue your access education, helpful mentoring sessions, great guidance, and more. All such resources ultimately make you a better and more professional lawyer.
  • Higher salary: The bigger the law firm, the higher is your salary. It is a fact that successful law companies offer great pay along with lucrative incentives to their lawyers. This is one of the reasons why more and more people have started preferringto work at such places.
  • Helpful contacts: As you get to interact with resourceful people at big law firms, you get a chance to make great contacts for your present as well as future needs. You can always approach them in future for help and in case they are accommodating, they would be happy to help you.
  • Ideal exposure: Lawyers get a superior exposure at big law companies as they get to deal with complex cases on a daily basis. This brushes up their knowledge from time to time and offers greater prospects in future.

So, if you want to be a great lawyer Clarkston, give it a try and work at a famous law firm for amazing benefits.

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Video Metrics That Matter The Most

When you upload videos online be it on YouTube or other video sharing platforms, there are several metrics that matter. We often talk only about the number of views. Indeed this is one of the most targeted metrics. But there are other parameters that should be measured as well. Evaluating these parameters would help you understand your progress.


When a viewer stumbles upon your video accidently, the very thing that catches his attention would be the number of views. Getting more views for your videos is now a very simple task. There are online services that allow you to purchase views easily. It would be a simple way for you to obtain safe views from services like this.

  1. Watching time:

Next attribute to look at is the watch time. It is an evident fact that viewers would watch a video for longer only if the content is pretty good. YouTube and other popular sites would consider this as an important metric when it comes to ranking of videos. So if you have an engaging content that would cause your viewers to view it fully you have a higher probability of ranking well. Better ranks mean better reach as well.

  1. Relevancy of the content:

This is measured by the parameter that is called the subscriber velocity. This shows the number of subscribers that watched the video within 48 hours after it was uploaded. Your subscribers would watch the content if they find it relevant. If this parameter is good, then your video would pop up in the recommendation list along with similar videos. This would fetch more number of views.

The more the number of suggested videos you are able to link to the current videos, the better would the rank be. Look into the conversions as well. A cumulative analysis of all these factors would help you continuously improve your video strategies.


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Why Go In For A Radar Detector

Are you someone who loves driving? Do you often get tempted to speed on great roads? Do you always fear seeing the police traffic lights flashing furiously in your rear-view mirror? Then investing in a radar detector would be an ideal solution for you. These detectors can really put you at ease and help you enjoy your driving experience to the fullest.

  • Are legal

As these radar detectors are made with the latest and the best technological advancements, they are extremely accurate especially for tracking law enforcement’s radar devices and also laser speed detection devices. Radar detectors are intended to promote safe driving and are legal in 49 states of the U.S for non-commercial automobiles.

  • Choose one that that suits your requirement

There are several types of radar detectors available in the market for you to choose from. All of them work on the same principle of picking up waves or laser activity from the police device. You can choose from among cordless, corded and the remote – mounted models. The cordless model provides maximum flexibility as you can place it wherever you want in the vehicle and you also can use it in other vehicles. The remote mounted radar detector is permanently mounted in the vehicle and cannot be moved if required. The advantage of this detector is that it prevents theft.

The corded radar detector needs to be placed on the windshield with the help of suction cups. they also have the best range of detection as compared to the other two variants.

  • Save your money and time

Investing in a detector is highly advisable as this radar detector will save you money and time. In case you can get pre-warned about upcoming speed traps, it will save you   from paying fines for speeding and valuable time running around courts. And in more serious cases, you can further be spared of paying unnecessary court fees, insurance fee hikes and uncalled-for trips to pay the fines.

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How Long Can You Take A Break!

When it comes to employees rights, the state of California does all it takes to safeguard them all. They have some extremely specific laws, even chalked out regarding the meal breaks and rest breaks of an employee.

It is a known fact that long working hours without a break can potentially reduce the productivity of an employee. A tired and hungry employee will generate lesser work than what they will if they are given specific breaks for refreshment.

Break laws in California have some clear regulations about how long and how often must an employee get breaks. They are as follows

Meal breaks: The federal law and California laws have some regulations that an employee is expected to follow.

  • The employer must free an employee of all their duties and give them the liberty to leave the premises and have a 30-minute long meal break. They need not pay the employee for the time they spend as a break.
  • The employer must provide this break if the employee has been working for over 5 hours.
  • However, though the employee is entitled to this break. The employee need not strictly police around to check if the meal break is being used or not.
  • If there is a situation where there is no one to cover up for the employee during their break, they can take an on-work meal and eat on the desk. In such a situation the employer must pay the employee accordingly.
  • This may be true in the case of a reception desk, where there may not be a replacement to take calls or receive guests. Or when an ‘on-the-go’ employee has to rush from one site to another.

Rest Breaks

It is an understood fact that every employee requires a break to relax in between work, especially during long working hours.

And so an employee is allowed to take a 10-minute break for every 4 hours that they work.

The laws ensure that the employees are taken care of in every possible situation.

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